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Today we are trying to understand what are those Asanas which we have to do regularly. Because yogis always say to your spine that our spine has to be flexible. so you have to do certain asana where you are bending forward, backward, sideways, you are twisting, you are stretching upwards, you are bending downwards. so some six types of asanas we are supposed to do in a day. Now here is the first asana one thing we all remember that we should be healthy, not sick not with any disease to do these asanas. If we are young or old but we are healthy then we should perform this set of asanas. So let’s see about Yoga For Full Body, Which Yoga Are Best For Whole-body?

Yoga For Full Body | Which Yoga Are Best For Whole-body?

  1. Surya Namaskar
  2. Konasana
  3. konasana 3
  4. Mountain Pose (Parvatasana)
  5. Savasana

1.Surya Namaskar | Yoga For Full Body

Yoga For Full Body Which Yoga Are Best For Whole-body?
  • So among this whole set first-come Surya namaskar. Surya namaskar the whole concept is early in the morning rise before sunrise. So that you are seeing the sun, worshipping the sun, taking the energy from the sun, and performing your asana. 
  • so let’s know about Surya Namaskar.
  • Here we have to stand straight with hands joined together which is called “Sthit Prarthanasan”.  So you are starting with a calm mind and straight body. what’s you are composed?
  • Then raise your both arms up and bend back. It is called as “Hast uttanasan” .
  • And now start bending forward with arms stretch and bend down which is called as “Hastpadasan”. So you are trying to touch your both arm’s palm to the ground, head in, and staying there for some time. then try to lift your one leg take it behind.
  • And keep with both palms on the ground and look forward it is called as “Ashwa Sanchalanasana”.
  • And do this with then another leg. so both legs are over there means backside. so this posture becomes “Adhomukhsawanasan”. Stay for some time you can see the triangle shape of your body in this pose.
  • Now move forward. Try to touch the whole body closer to the floor. And trying to see the certain part of is touching the ground(knee, feet, chest, chin). And it makes your body “Astangnamaskar”. So here you are trying to touch the body’s certain part on the ground not just flat on the ground you are holding yourself and it is called Ashtangnamaskar.
  • Now we have to go back to our position from where we began. so again lift your body up to do what is called “Bhujangasana”. Bend back it is like totally Bhujangasana or Sarpasana upper head going back. Then take the weight on your arm. Raise your back. Try to bring you another leg and get up. Do Hastpadasan. Get up become straight. And come back to normal position.
  • Well, there are different ways in which Surya Namaskar is done. And every movement there is some mantra we have to use. But focus on your breathing whenever you bend back you are inhaling whenever you bend forward you are exhaling, whenever you are stretching you are inhaling. so try to see your whole mind is in breathing and do it properly. Repeat three times daily this Surya namaskar. So this is the best Yoga For Full Body workout.

2. Konasana

Yoga For Full Body Which Yoga Are Best For Whole-body?
  • Now we go to do another asana. This is a twist of your spine bending forward and twisting and so it is konasana.
  • So try and keep your both legs away from each other during the day. We hardly bend sideways so first learn to bend sideways so it is konasana where you are inhaling and taking your arms from the side of your right hand from the side up and take it to the other side and try to bend your hold body on the side.
  • Your hand, your head should be together. Don’t hang your head down. And once you go to the side then try to fully your west line. Your whole focus should be to full of your west line as much as you can. Stay in that position. Bring your arms down to the ground and return to normal position. Again on the left side. Take your arms ups from the side to see that your fingers are you are twisting your finger in a way that it remains straight. And then upon your head to the side bend sideways. Give a good pull on your west line. stay in that position. Your head and arm together. Stay for six seconds when you are bending the sideways you are inhaling you are stretching your rips. Stay for 6 seconds. Come back to your normal; position. So this movement should be done everyday sideway movement. 

3. konasana-3

konasana 3 yoga pose
  • Now we do another posture which is called konasana 3. To keep both legs away in the same way. Your arms stretched in front while inhaling. spread your arms on both sides. Look on the right tip of the finger of your arm. twist your whole body as much as you can and bend forward to touch that finger on your toe. And the other hand up facing the ceiling. your head looking at the of your finger which is up. So this is a total twist and forward bend.
  • It really benefits your upper areas your ears, your tonsils, your lymphatic system, thyroid, all this is in exercise and of course head. Come back to a normal position. Do it on the other side. in the same way. Go down look up at the tip of the finger twist as much as you can. Stay in this position. Come back to your normal position and relax. 

4. Parvatasana Or Mountain Pose

mountain pose
  • Now sit. Sitting,  sit with the cross leg. Sit in Sukhasana or ideal would be sit in Padmasana if you can cross your both the legs one over another and sit firmly on the ground. Now raise your both arms respective sides. inhaling to join your hands up together.  And your body becomes like a mountain. And it is called parvatasana a mountain pose. Stretched your whole body upwards. Stay for 6 seconds to even 1 minute. And then come back in the normal position. Now there are a few variations in parvatasana. So when you raise your both arms up then first you can go to the sides as we did in konasana come back to go to the other side come back. Inhale go backward come backward. Exhale bend forward don’t touch the ground half ways you are holding yourself come back. 
  • Twist exhaling comes back, another side twist comes back, and then back to the normal position. So this posture becomes the complete posture where the spinal exercise is required. all variety are in one posture. So at least this should be done in a day before lunch before snacks before dinner these are the time you should do this. 

5. Savasana

Yoga For Full Body Which Yoga Are Best For Whole-body? Savasana
  • Next would be savasana. The word “Sav” is a ‘cops’ is a dead body pose. so you have to just lie down flat on the ground. And when we top our body your emotion is totally nothing blanks. At least you release your tension on the ground “vairagya” bring that on your body leave everything and relax on the floor. Now here take your position properly. Your both legs should be away from each other. And keep both arms away from your body say around 10 inches away from your body and legs around 20 inches away from each other roughly. Palm facing upwards but in a relaxed way. try to push your shoulder down and don’t take it up. And in this position lie down. the mind remains active now.
  • As a result, consider concentrating your thoughts on various areas of your body. So first try to your mind at toe position move your toe at bit concentrate on your toe. Bring your mind a little up. Move your knee concentrate on that. Take it up thigh concentrate then come to heap region and move up your focus on up parts of body one by one like stomach chest hand head. And then bring your mind in the stomach in the navel. It is moving a little bit. Bring your mind to your chest, then little come to your thought, let it come to your chin, and then lips, top of the nose and center of the eye rows. So like this, we try to focus our mind on different parts of the body so the mind will not go here and there. So we are giving some check to the mind to focus. Just try and focus this is called sensitive zones of our body.
  • And we should do these and that would help in relaxing the whole body. And start from the head and downwards again like head, eyes, nose chin, thought, thigh, knee, legs, just select some parts for focus to concentrate your mind.  Now once you have gone this journey. Then your mind focuses on the abdomen. Now the mind is on the abdomen and the mind was watching moves up when you breathing it goes sit down when you breathe out that very little movement of the abdomen continuous and the mind is stuck over there is a region where the source of life is your focusing there so stay in this position to this savasana for at least 10 minutes. And that would really really help in regretting energy and making you fit and fine. So try all these(Yoga For Full Body) things and this together becomes a good workout for us.

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